Ready for your at-home family photoshoot and curious about what happens on the big day? No worries, I've got you covered!

When I arrive at your home for the shoot, we'll start by getting to know each other better. We've probably exchanged a few emails and filled out a questionnaire, but meeting face-to-face is always different. We'll chat about your interests, your story, and I'll share a bit about myself too. It's kind of like meeting a new friend!

Next, I'll ask for a quick tour of your home. This way, I can find the best spots for shooting natural and lifestyle photos. I'll be on the lookout for good lighting and interesting details to incorporate into the shots. And of course, I'll snap a few test shots to make sure everything looks perfect.

Then comes the fun part - the photography session itself! I'll provide some direction, but it's your unique style and personality that will shine through in the photos. Feel free to move and pose however you like, and I'll be there to offer guidance along the way. We can mix things up by shooting in different areas around your home, whether it's the cozy living room, the bustling kitchen, or the serene garden.

We'll spend a couple of hours capturing all the magic of your at-home family photoshoot. If you have any specific ideas for shots, I'm all ears! And if you have a big family or if we're doing a newborn shoot, we'll take our time to ensure we get everyone looking their best.

Once we've got all the shots we need, I'll pack up my gear, and we'll have a quick chat to discuss how everything went. I'll even show you some photos, and we can chat about your favorite moments from the session.

Then it's back to my place to start the exciting process of editing your photos. I can't wait to see how they turn out!

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