What Information is being collected?

During your initial enquiry I normally collect your name, email address, telephone number, your estimated due date or date of birth of your little one.

Who is collecting it?

It’s me and no one else.

How is it being collected?

If you make an enquiry via my enquiry or say hello form, email or telephone you may wonder what happens to those details.

The form is linked to my studio Management software or CRM system. This software helps me track enquires send contracts and invoices and basically helps my business run smoothly.

I will respond to your enquiry via email with the relevant information that you requested. Your details will go on my database and I will follow up with you as needed.

You might wish to sign up to special offers and model calls via my newsletter, in which case your details are stored on Mail Chimp. There is an easy unsubscribe on all Newsletters. I do not spam you and I limit the number of emails to at most 9 per year.

Why is it being collected and how will it be used?

 Your data is collected simply so I can respond to your enquiry.

Who will it be shared with?

Your privacy is just as important to me as my own privacy is. I do not share your information with any third parties.